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Lingua ac Communitas  is an international philosophy journal published by Department of Philosophy of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poland. Established in 1992, Lingua ac Communitas has since become the most renowned and prestigious philosophy journal in field of language and social communication, featuring thoughtful articles authored by experience academics as well as young scholars around the world. Each year, Lingua ac Communitas publishes variety papers in philosophy. We accept submissions every May and print the journal during the late summer. Lingua ac Communitas is distributed to philosophy departments and libraries across the country, and archived copies of recent issues are also available online.

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Raison d'être

The concept of "language" and subsequently the concepts of "communication", "dialogue" and "understanding" seem to be gaining greater significance nowadays. In today's world one may notice a growing discrepancy between its respective parts to the extent that they are becoming increasingly alien to each other. Leaders of states as well as the governing elities find it more and more difficult to establish succesfull communication. Likewise, various hindrances seem to affect communication among individual people which leads to a subsequent atomization of social life. As a result of these negative trends, we are witnessing a slowing down of the flow of information between particular areas of human knowledge and other forms of cul-ture. Furthermore, man's communication with nature poses a distinct problem in the sense of communication, dialogue and understanding. At the same time, the enormously accelerated
pace of man's technological advancement seems to effectively neutralize his natural bond with nature.

Confronted with such distinct perils, we feel an urgent need to invite our contributors to consider the problems of language and its social significance. It is therefore our hope that Lingua ac Comunitas will satisfy those needs.



Submissions have opened for Volume 24. The submissions deadline is July 15th, 2014.

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Aims and Scope

The Journal is designed as an annual publication presenting articles in English or German. The purpose of the Journal is to concentrate on and disseminate information concerning the following major issues: (1) language and its impact on social life; (2) problems of communication, dialog and understanding as seen in the light of the concept of man, moral and social order and ecology; (3) problems of comprehension, interpretation and translation.

The journal is designed to provide a medium for presentations that may range from historical overviews to discussions of current research and ideas.

The editors of the Journal are prepared to accept original research papers in the form of full-length papers, short communications, chronicle and reviews.